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Today's internet is constantly changing, and I love staying current and sharing what's new and helpful! Here are some of my favorite resources which you may benefit from. If you have resources to share or if you have questions, feel free to contact me.

  • FTP Help
    • Whether you're using Windows, Linux or Mac, I highly recommend downloading & installing the free, open-source program "Filezilla". When you're set up, get the ftp address of the site you need to upload or download your files set up.
    • Check out these helpful tutorials at http://www.butterscotch.com as well.
  • Web Hosting
    • The web host I recommend for most projects these days is Bluehost*.
      I find their customer service to be pretty decent, you can reach them by telephone within a reasonable time, they appear to be fully US-based, and offer decently priced packages and service, and they host this website and many of my clients' sites.
      *I do receive an affiliate fee when you sign up for hosting, but I recommend them because I have used them for over 7 years and have been a happy customer!
  • Choosing Web Color
  • Search Engine Promotion Tips and Help
  • Social Media
    • Trying to wrap your brain around Facebook, Twitter and the other social media outlets and how to use them? I really like pretty much anything Jennifer Laycock has to say about the subject (and SEO), and you can learn alot about marketing in this "web 2.0" world from Aliza Sherman's tweets, facebook posts, etc
  • Web Authoring